PANEL 1: Libraries of the V4 Countries and their Strategies in the Context of A Library Manifesto for Europe


From Promise to Partnership: Realising the Goals of the Library Manifesto for Europe [PDF, 2 MB]
Stephen Wyber, Manager, Policy and Advocacy, IFLA (NL)


Bridging Tradition with Future. Digital Projects of the National Library of Poland [PDF, 14 MB]
Tomasz Gruszkowski, IFLA PAC Centre for Digital Preservation, National Library of Poland (PL)


International cooperation and a development roadmap. Examplesof good practice from the Scientific Library in Banská Bystrica [PDF, 6 MB]
Blanka Snopková, Oľga Doktorová, State Scientific Library in Banská Bystrica (SK)


From Andersen Night to Bookstart [PDF, 3 MB]
Roman Giebisch, National Library of the Czech Republic (CZ)


V4 Parliamentary libraries portal. Digitalization of parliamentary documents [PDF, 0.3 MB]
Natália Petranská-Rolková, Peter Sedláček, Parliamentary Library (SK)


V4 + countries cooperation project. V4 Digital Parliament Library Portal [PDF, 0.3 MB]
Eva Maláčková, Parliamentary Library (SK)


Let the sunshine in, and let the data out! A revolution of library standards, copyright [PDF, 3 MB]
Szabolcs Dancs, National Széchényi Library (HU)


Implementation of RDA in Hungary [PDF, 0,5 MB]
Szabina Ilácsa, National Széchényi Library (HU)


How to evaluate our digital collections and services based on library standards? Analysis of the Electronic Archive and Database [PDF, 0.8 MB]
Rita Rado, Eötvös Loránd University (HU)

PANEL 2: Successful International, European and National Projects in the V4 Libraries


Development of Kramerius as a tool for providing access to out-of-print works [PDF, 2 MB]
Anna Cajthamlová, National Library of the Czech Republic (CZ) & Pavel Kocourek, INOVATIKA (CZ)


Renewing the Hungarian research libraries’ system. A possible way to develop [PDF, 0.4 MB]
Dóra Gaálné Kalydy, Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HU)


New solutions of the National Széchényi Library for the multilevel nationwide library cooperation. The results and future plans of the National Library System Project [PDF, 3 MB]
Árpád Maczelka, National Széchényi Library (HU) Introducing the Czech library portal [PDF, 3 MB]
Petr Žabička, Martin Krčál, Moravian Library in Brno (CZ)


Using machine learning technologies to improve text extractionin digital libraries. Presentation of collaborative research project [PDF, 2 MB]
Michal Hradiš, Moravian Library in Brno (CZ)


Collaborative enrichment of Czech library catalogues [PDF, 3 MB]
Petr Žabička, Jiří Nechvátal, Moravian Library in Brno (CZ)


LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ: LINDAT / CLARIAH-CZ: building of the infrastructure for digital humanities (brief description of the Czech libraries participation) [PDF, 2 MB]
Tomáš Foltýn, National Library of the Czech Republic (CZ)


Incorporating the digital humanities into the education programs of public libraries and schools [PDF, 3 MB]
Pavlína Mazáčová, Masaryk University (CZ)

PANEL 3: Developing Projects and Perspectives of International Cooperation of V4+ Libraries


The LTP platform of the V4+ countries. Scopes and possibilities of V4+ countries cooperation [PDF, 0.3 MB]
Milan Rakús, University Library in Bratislava (SK) & Zuzana Kvašová, National Library of the Czech Republic (CZ)


Archiving of Websites and Born Digital Documents in Slovakia [PDF, 2 MB]
Jana Matúšková, Peter Hausleitner, University Library in Bratislava (SK)


The first two years of the Hungarian Web Archiving. Pilot Project [PDF, 3 MB]
Márton Németh, László Drótos, National Széchényi Library (HU)


CZ web archive development. Data processing and provision in cluster [PDF, 1 MB]
Zdenko Vozár, National Library of the Czech Republic (CZ)


CD Archa. A tool for cooperative processing of optical discs [PDF, 1 MB]
Michal Indrák, Zdeněk Hruška, Moravian Library in Brno


Virtual National Phonotheque [PDF, 1 MB]
Iva Malinová, Iva Horová, National Library of Technology (CZ)


New Phonograph: Listening to the History of Sound. Enthusiasm and Inspiration as a Driving Force [PDF, 1 MB]
Filip Šír, National Museum (CZ)


Connect, Collect, Collaborate: Join us as we createthe International Bibliography of Discographies. A Worldwide Collaborative Project Initiated by the IASA Discography Committee [PDF, 6 MB]
Filip Šír, National Museum (CZ) & Peter Laurence, Harvard University (US)


Modern services for people with visual impairments. Working with CORVUS – a mobile application from the Slovak Library for the Blind [PDF, 5 MB]
Norbert Végh, Alena Repaská, Matej Hrebenda Slovak Library for the Blind in Levoča (SK)


The European research project for manuscript transcription.Opportunities for cooperation between V4+ countries [PDF, 4 MB]
Dušan Katuščák, State Scientific Library in Banská Bystrica (SK)