Declaration [PDF, 0.1 MB]


The participants of the 8th Colloquium of Library-Information Experts of the V4+ Countries:


  • welcome the IFLA initiative in the form of the Library Manifesto for Europe, endorse its objectives and express their willingness to support and actively engage in the promoting and implementing the declared goals in practice,


  • on the basis of presentations, discussions and experts’ statements, confirm that the V4+ region is, with regard to its geographic, cultural and political-economic links a natural grouping of countries that are able to address common challenges in the field of library-information systems and services,


  • recommend that the parties involved focus intensively on promoting modern forms of library-information systems and services and endeavour to convey them into the broader public awareness,


  • call for support for innovations in the education system for information professionals, particularly from the aspect of expanding the possibilities for further education,


  • recognise the innovation potential of the library-information sector of the V4+ countries in the field of developing modern systems and services, and call on the national ministries for greater and systematic support of these activities,


  • call on representatives of the state administration to create space for implementing international projects that would enable close cooperation between libraries of the V4+ countries,


  • highlight the potential for collaboration and exchange of experience in solving organisational, methodological and technological problems, particularly in the application of open-source tools and international standards,


  • note that the 8th Colloquium of Library-Information Experts of the V4 + Countries has, through its focus, significantly contributed to updating knowledge of mutual problems and their solutions,


  • recommended that stakeholders maintain the tradition of holding the colloquiums in one of the V4+ partner countries, address current problems on an ongoing basis, and support cooperation in solving them,


  • propose that the 9th Colloquium of Library and Information Experts of the V4+ countries be held at latest two years after the current meeting.


Bratislava, dated 19 June 2019